About Central Plains Roofing

Central Plains Roofing is a Kansas City based LLC that is located near Gladstone MO.  

All of us have been doing business in and around the Kansas City area for more than 25 years.  Central Plains Roofing; however, is a fairly new company that was spawned during the economic downturn of 2008 & 2009 operated by Tim Comer  & Merrie Comer (Owners) and staff,  Aubrey Benderman (Estimator) and Steven Ritchey (Project Manager) all of which are native to the Kansas City area where we all live, work and contribute to the community.  


Tim Comer was an estimator & a project manager for Ellerman Roofing of Kansas City, MO.  Ellerman Roofing had served Kansas City & the surrounding area’s for over 75 years with an excellent track record of quality & commitment but in 2008 Ellerman Roofing closed its doors which left us all wondering what it would be that we would do next.   After many discussions & even some disagreements now and again; Central Plains Roofing was born.  CPR started with no investment capital, no financial backing, no credit, no customers, no advertising and zero name recognition other than what we had established at Ellerman Roofing.  Al Sneed at ABC Supply was able to secure our company a small line of credit to help limp our fledgling company along and help us purchase materials.


Since that time, Central Plains Roofing has serviced over 1450 new customers, re-roofs & repairs with a 100% satisfaction rate.   With perseverance & your help we will get there.  Thank you for reading this. 

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