Commercial Roofing

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Commercial Roofing:


Single Ply Roofing


As the name implies, there is only one layer of protection for the building’s interior. No matter which material or manor of attachment that maybe selected getting it right the first time is paramount to a successful project. 

Central Plains Roofing is a trusted provider of the most dependable and longest-lasting single-ply roofing systems in the commercial roofing industry. We have accomplished this by providing our valued customers with the best cutting-edge products, services and warranties available on the market today. Whatever your roofing needs might be Central Plains Roofing has a flat/low slope solution, for you. ~no problems only Solutions~


Categories of Single Ply roofing:


Unlike built-up roofing, single ply roofs are just that – one layer of roofing material is a waterproofing membrane and a weathering surface in one. Single ply roofing membranes are much thinner and lighter than built-up roofs. Average thickness of a single ply roof ranges from .o45″ to .090″ or 45-90 mill. Single ply roofing is the most common flat roofing material on the market today – both residential and commercial.


Single ply roofs are typically installed either in fully adhered (glued to the insulation or fiber board below it) or mechanically attached to the roof deck with corrosion resistant fasteners and barbed plates.


Most common single ply roofing systems today are EPDM Rubber roofing, and TPO roofs (thermoplastic polyolefin).


EPDM ROOFING is usually black and unenforced, and uses adhesives to keep seams together and watertight. EPDM rubber roof is the oldest single ply roofing material on the market today, and although it has few limitations, they are still the most popular roofing material for flat roofs. Popularity of rubber roofs is mainly attributed to it’s very competitive pricing and the fact that there is no special installation equipment required to install them.


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